KA IWI COAST RUN & WALK - November 19, 2017


By participating in the Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk you are supporting local programs within the Hawaii Kai/Maunalua Bay community.

   Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center

   Hawaii Kai Lions Club Rescue Tube Project 

   Hui Nalu Canoe Club

Livable Hawaii Kai Hui

Livable Hawaii Kai Hui

Livable Hawaii Kai Hui is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan community organization serving East Honolulu, established in 2004. Their mission is to uphold the integrity of the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan which sets guidelines for sensible development respectful of Hawaiian cultural and natural resources that make East Honolulu a unique place to live. Protection of land through stewardship or acquisition and community education and engagement.

Student Scholarships


A one-time $1000 college scholarship is offered to any Hui Nalu paddler who has paddled from age 12 through high school graduation and awarded annually to all graduates who meet the criteria.

2017 Scholarship Recipients:
2016 Scholarship Recipients:
Alexandra (Lexi) Hagedorn
Allyssa Soares
Kekoa Nakasone
Sierra Keolanui
Ka’onohi (Ohi)  Lapilio
2015 Scholarship Recipients:
Malia Mizumo
Kia Hasegawa
Alexander (Alex) Look
2014 Scholarship Recipients:
Kelsi Cottrell
Makana Darval-Chang


Scholarship for all 12 and Under Paddlers

Hui Nalu runs a huge paddling program for the Hawaii Kai community, especially the keiki. For years this program was run by Reney Ching. After the 2013 season Reney retired from coaching and running the entire kid’s program at Hui Nalu. In honor of her commitment to the club, the Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk paid $75 toward the club dues for the 2014 season for each and every paddler, of which there were over 50, in the 12 and under age group.

Equipment for Hui Nalu


Paddling equipment gets used every day and needs full-time attention and care, so equipment budgets at canoe clubs tend to be 40-50% of the entire budget. Having a fundraiser such as the Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk has meant that Hui Nalu can continue to maintain and repair the sixteen general use canoes while allowing for the purchase of new canoes: a Bradley Lightning and an OC3. The OC3 allows coaches to get everyone in a boat even when they do not have a number divisible by six.