KAIWI COAST RUN & WALK - November 15-30, 2021


The impetus for the Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk began with a canoe paddler’s vision. Kelly Fey, longtime Hui Nalu Canoe Club member and East O‘ahu resident, wanted others to experience and appreciate the beauty of the road route and coastline she regularly traveled. It didn’t take long to convince other Hui Nalu members to organize a running and walking event along the scenic coast highway. Since its establishment in 2013, the Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk is the only pedestrian event sanctioned for the area.
Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk
c/o Hui Nalu Canoe Club
PO Box 25566
Honolulu, HI 96825
EMAIL: info@kaiwicoastrun.org | Mikala Bradley
PHONE: 808-256-7394 | Patsy Vasquez
WEBSITE: www.kaiwicoastrun.org 

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/kaiwicoastrun
INSTAGRAM: @kaiwicoast