KAIWI COAST RUN & WALK - November 15-30, 2021

Virtual Tracking Information

The Virtual Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk is powered by Koko Marina Center. To track your mileage using MyVirtualMission.com, follow these steps:


1. Visit the Kaiwi Coast Run Mission link on your mobile phone or desktop computer.


2 – Click the JOIN button and then the REQUEST TO JOIN button. Our mission is in an un-launched state, meaning you can’t yet post distances to it. We will be launching on November 15.


3 – At this point you will be prompted to create a login and password.


4 – Once you create an account, your request to join the mission will be sent to us and we can admit you into the mission. It may several hours or overnight for your request to be approved. You will receive an email once you are admitted. Until then, you will see a generic My Virtual Mission page.


5 – While you wait to be admitted into our mission, download the My Virtual Mission app for Apple or Android using the appropriate App Store on your device.


6 – Before the mission is launched you can connect a fitness app or device via ‘My Connections’ on the My Virtual Mission app. These third party services will automatically post distances towards your mission, either after your workout, or at various times throughout the day. This is not a required step as you can manually enter mileage into the app once the mission has launched.


Mission Launch is November 15 and you have until November 30 to complete the 4 miles. Mahalo to Koko Marina Center for financially supporting the virtual tracking!


Note: At MyVirtual Mission.com you can only track one person per email address/account. If you registered more than one person for the Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk under the same email address, you will have to track your mileage together or use a second email address at MyVirtualMission.


For the My Virtual Mission Help Center, click here.