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Our Beneficiaries

Hui Nalu

Our mission is to promote and provide educational and personal achievement opportunities which
 strengthen family, community and individual relationships. Paddling equipment gets used every day and needs full-time attention and care. The Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk means that Hui Nalu can continue to maintain and repair the sixteen general use canoes while allowing for the purchase of new canoes. Our actions are guided by traditional Hawaiian values that produce the safe, healthy
 and productive places in which we live.

Livable Hawaii Kai Hui

Livable Hawaii Kai Hui is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, nonpartisan community organization serving East Honolulu, established in 2004. Their mission is to uphold the integrity of the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan which sets guidelines for sensible development respectful of Hawaiian cultural and natural resources that make East Honolulu a unique place to live. Protection of land through stewardship or acquisition and community education and engagement.

Each year Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk donates to Livable Hawaii Kai Hui. In the past, the donation was designated to go directly to help purchase the Ka Iwi Mauka Lands.  Now each years’ donation goes to Livable Hawaii Kai Hui’s ongoing work to restore and preserve the Ka Iwi Mauka Lands.

Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center

Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center is a community nonprofit founded in 2007. The organization's mission is: E ho'ola kākou i nā loko i'a a Maunalua – Let us properly preserve the fishponds of Maunalua. The Center serves the community through stewardship and education programs at Kānewai Spring and Kalauha‘iha‘i Fishpond. These spring-fed loko i'a located in East O'ahu are among the few remaining ancient Hawaiian fishponds on O'ahu. They are important for a healthy community and Maunalua Bay. More information is available at

Exploring the History of Maunalua is a a community organization that is committed to perpetuating the historical and cultural memories of Maunalua. Currently, its entire website is being updated to provide better mapping and additional cultural information.  In the past, the Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk has linked our educational section to  With photos, videos and written information, is a treasure trove of Hawaiian cultural information about the Maunalua area. is often consulted by the Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk in our efforts to accurately identify the Hawaiian place names along the course.


Gabrielle Daly

Chloe Kodani

Taylor Ledgerwood

Randilyn Nohara

Pomakai Ogata


Brooke Matson


Maverick Aipa

Ruthie Cockett


Alexandra (Lexi) Hagedorn

Allyssa Soares

Kekoa Nakasone

Sierra Keolanui

Ka’onohi (Ohi)  Lapilio


Malia Mizumo

Kia Hasegawa

Alexander (Alex) Look


Kelsi Cottrell

Makana Darval-Chang

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