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Dog Registration

We are happy to accept leashed, well-behaved dogs AND well-behaved owners in our 2023 race. While the pilot program was enthusiastically embraced by dog owners wanting to walk or run with their fur babies, dog owners need to remember that not everyone loves dogs. Please be respectful of others on the course. Remember! It is a 4-mile walk or run with little to no shade. Dogs need training ahead of time, just like you!


You must be a registered participant, but you do not need to register your dog separately. Please check the box on the application (Dog: yes/no) to let us know you are bringing a dog.


  • No dogs on the bus: You must find your own ride to and from the start and finish. No dogs, except bona fide service dogs, are allowed on the buses.

  • Leashed: All dogs must be leashed and friendly to both people and other dogs. If you have to ask someone if your dog is friendly enough, then the answer is probably no!

  • Maintain control: Your dog must be under your control at all times.

  • Pick up after your dog: Bring your own poop bags. You are required to pick up after your fur baby.

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